"What's an Apiary?"

A place where bees are kept, especially a collection of hives or colonies of bees kept for their honey.

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Shaun & Kris Steele have been raising honey (and kids) for almost 30 years. They now have over 3,000 hives that travel throughout Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California and Washington pollinating crops and producing incredible honey and beeswax.

Their farm is located in Eagle, ID just west of Eagle Rd. on Beacon Light Rd. Give them a call and find out why the Boise Co-op and other quality stores have been selling their honey for over 25 years.

Photo Gallery

Bee’s Flying

Yes, bees fly all over when you bother their...

Close Inspection

Workers closely inspect the hive to check on the health of the...

Gathering Supers

Workers gather supers that are ready for...

Block of Beeswax

A nice block of beeswax. Beeswax can be used for candles, cosmetics and a bunch of other...

Stacking Supers

Supers that have honey in them are stacked and removed for...


The smoker is used to calm the bees so the hive can be inspected or frames can be...

Super Top

A view of the super from the top. The bees have been...

Frame Inspection

A worker inspects the frame to check on the health of the bees and see if the honey is...


A “super.” This is the structure bees use to store honey.